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Luminous Wallpaper

Another Luminous wallpaper- this one features the Black Mage!

Maplestory Wallpaper Luminous


Root Abyss Wallpaper

Root Abyss is a high-level dungeon that was released to GMS in January of 2013. Rewards include chaos equips, timeless equips, and empress gear.

Maplestory Root Abyss Wallpaper

Pink Bean Wallpaper

Pink Bean is a high-level boss located deep within the Temple of Time. Although it’s adorable and pink, it’s one of the most powerful bosses in the game. Good luck to all who fight it!

Maplestory Pink Bean Wallpaper


Aswan Wallpaper

Aswan is a PQ/dungeon area that was added to GMS in 2012. The story is that Hilla, a commander of the Black Mage, resurrected an undead army and summoned magical totems to guard the city of Aswan.

Maplestory Aswan Hilla Wallpaper

Mercedes Wallpaper

Mercedes is a special Hero class that came to GMS in December of 2011. Mercedes was Queen of the Elves before her kingdom lost the battle to the Black Mage.

Maplestory Mercedes Wallpaper

Mercedes Wallpaper No Two

Cygnus Knights Wallpaper

This festive wallpaper wishes you a Happy Early (or Late) Valentine’s Day!

Cygnus Knights Wallpaper

Legends Wallpaper

This cute wallpaper commemorates the Legends Update in GMS. Enjoy!

Legends Wallpaper